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    A chaise is a timeless piece of furniture that can enhance your living space wonderfully. There is no better place to put your feet up at the end of the day for some well-deserved time than a plush, cozy chaise couch. The chaise lounge can be used independently or as a couch extension. The chaise couch is a piece of furniture made for unwinding; it’s ideal for falling asleep, relaxing, and reading. For maximum relaxation, chaise lounges work best when accessorized and with cushions. The chaise is typically found at the end of a sectional or settee in modern home décor. But to enjoy these benefits, regular chaise cleaning must be in your routine. Because, over time, it will inevitably become covered in grime, dust, germs, allergens, cat hair, etc. Your furniture will look dull, ugly, and old as a result of these impurities damaging the cloth and penetrating deep into the foundation.

    An Overview Of Chaise Lounges

    Aristocrats and rulers would recline on benches or couches to eat or unwind in the ancient societies of Egypt and Greece, where the chaise lounge first appeared. The chaise longue as we know it today was created in France in the sixteenth century. Typically, it was constructed of wood or other expensive materials like gilded metal or painted surfaces. There were three prominent styles of early Chaise lounge.

    • Duchesse Brisée- It was a chaise lounge with two or three distinct chairs and a footstool that could be used separately.
    • Méridienne- While most loungers provide both erect and reclined seating, the Meridienne is a reclining bench connected by a sloped piece to a lower footrest and a high headrest.
    • Récamier- For people who want to recline completely in their chair—or even sleep on it. It is a chaise lounge that has been considerably extended. The Recamier is a chaise lounge with no back support running the length of the seating space and was high at the head and feet.
    An Overview Of Chaise Lounges

    How Chaise Lounge Is Different From Sofa

    In many houses today, you’ll find a chaise lounge, also called a chaise sofa, a common seating option in 16th-century France. The French term chaise means “long chair.” It is a sofa with a shape akin to a loveseat, but without a backrest at one end. A chaise can seat two or three people side by side for brief periods while also allowing one person to sit upright or spread out.

    Sofas are the traditional seating option we all know and adore, frequently serving as the focal point of a living room layout. A sofa is essentially a cushioned bench with armrests. Many seats can accommodate two to five persons or more and have two, three, or even four plush cushions. In comparison to a typical chaise, sofa backrests span the whole back of the furniture frame and provide more roomy back support.

    Tips For Maintaining Chaise Lounge For Longer Duration

    Here are some tips on how to maintain a chaise lounge:

    • Regularly vacuum the chaise lounge with the soft brush tool. This will assist in cleaning the cloth of dirt and dust.
    • Spills and spots should be spot-cleaned right away with a mild soap and water solution.
    • Once you’ve cleaned the chaise lounge, rinse it thoroughly with clean water to remove all traces of detergent.
    • It might be necessary to have the chair professionally cleaned if it is very dirty.
    • Avoid putting the chair in direct sunlight because, over time, it will cause the fabric to fade.

    Prompt, Reliable, And Safe Chaise Cleaning In Sydney Through Trained And Skilled Experts

    Seeking expert upholstery cleaning services from reputable service providers like 711 Upholstery Cleaning Sydney is essential to restore its former splendour. Contact our skilled cleaners anytime any day! We will be happy to serve you in Sydney and nearby suburbs.


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