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“I have been using their upholstery cleaning services to clean my couch for the past 3 years on a regular basis and this made my couch look new. Their upholstery cleaners are attentive, punctual, thorough and very professional. They exceeded my expectations in removing even the stubborn stains of shoe prints from my couches’ fabric. Thus, I highly recommend their great-coordinating team of experts. Contact them today for the best upholstery cleaning!

Kylie Adams

“With many accredited upholstery cleaning companies in Sydney, I would like to take my time to appreciate 711 Upholstery Cleaning Sydney for its excellence. They cleaned my armchair that has passed from my ancestors with such care and gentleness that my armchair regained its glory in no time. In fact, they have multiple ventures in cleaning other upholstery belongings like dining chairs, couches, sofas, lounge chairs and loveseats. Moreover, their experts are efficient in cleaning cushions too. No doubt they are the best!

Acacia Sander

“There was a time I needed a same-day upholstery cleaning service because of the mould patches on my dining chairs and this is when I met them. Since then it’s been 7 whole years I never stopped taking their help in cleaning my upholstery to restore its former glory. With this long of experience alongside them, I can tell that they have excellent skills in every type of upholstery cleaning service. They do an amazing job with very less disruption during the cleaning process. Also, everything they offer is at affordable prices.

Kevin Anderson

“As a family with 3 kids and 2 pets, we only want those upholstery cleaning services that are non-toxic for both my kids and pets. And I can assure you that I made the right decision in choosing their cleaning services for my upholstery items. Because the cleaning agents they use are non-toxic as well as smell good, which in turn, improves the complete indoor environment. So, if you are in a dilemma on whom to choose, go with my word and believe in their work. Their skills are excellent!

Matilda Thompson

“I have a modern leather sofa that I bought after considering many factors and hence I do not want to settle for anything less when it comes to their cleaning. In search of a highly-rated upholstery cleaning company, I found them on the top because of various reasons. And today, I’m glad that I went right away with them without any hesitation back then. Now, it’s been 5 years and my option for other upholstery cleanings also would always be them. Every upholstery at my home is now clean and neat!

Tim Eastman

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