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How Do You Dry Clean A Couch After Cleaning It?

The couch adds beauty to the property. The matching fabric to your wall paint enhances its blossoms. Many fabrics are used on the upholstery like Velvet, Leather, Crepe, Denim, Lace, Leather, Linen, Satin, and much more. Depending upon the fabric, the cleaning process of a couch is done accordingly. Some fabrics are quite hard to clean whereas others are easy.

The couch is one of the most used upholstery. Leaving your couch with stains, dirt, and marks creates a messy atmosphere around. Therefore, cleaning your couch regularly is a must. Dry Cleaning your couch is the best way to get rid of all such problems. However, if dry cleaning by a professional might not be in your budget, then also you need not worry. Hire couch cleaning services. In this article, we have shared points related to “how do you dry clean a couch after cleaning it?” Hence, you can do it on your own by following the below-mentioned steps.

image of dry clean a couch after cleaning

STEP 1: Check The Instruction

Find out the instruction tag available on your couch. This label is present at the side or corner of your upholstery. It tells you about the cleaning techniques and solvents that can be used on your couch. Those descriptions are mentioned as per the fabric material.

  • Depending upon the description, some tags contain numerous codes like
  • “WS” refers to both methods i.e. Steam vacuum or dry cleaning
  • “S” signifies that your couch fabric is only for dry cleaning only
  • Whereas, “W, X, O” denotes that you cannot opt for a dry cleaning method for your couch.
  • In case your couch contains “WS” or “S”, then you may continue with the following procedure

STEP 2: Buy A Dry Cleaning Agent

Purchasing a dry cleaning solvent is essential if you are thinking about how you dry clean a couch after cleaning it. You can have it online or from the local hardware store. The dry cleaning solution is in liquid form. You do not have to add water to it.

Note: Do not assume that the solvent you are going to use on the fabric for the dry cleaning process will not make your fabric dry on its own. You have to follow the complete procedure.

STEP 3: Proper Ventilation

Ventilate your property because the dry cleaning solution is powerful. Open all the windows and doors so that the pungent odour of the dry cleaning solution can pass out of your property. Later, you may also turn on the ceiling fan.

STEP 4: The Process

Perform the test dry-cleaning process on the hidden area or a patch of the same fabric. By performing this activity, you will come across how the dry cleaning solution is going to react on the fabric. Put the solution on the fabric and gently rub it, leaving it for some time (depending upon the instructions mentioned in the dry cleaning solvent bottle). Later, check the patch carefully. If there is no reaction then you may proceed to the next step.

Apply the dry cleaning solution over your couch gently. Apply it with the help of a clean white cloth. Make sure you do not rub the cloth on the fabric to remove the stains. Press it gently over the area where you acknowledge the harsh stains. This is going to solve your problem easily. Stains present on your couch are the main focus area while cleaning. Leave the solvent on the couch as per the description of the bottle. Reapply, if required.

Damp a clean soft cotton cloth with the water and gently wipe out your couch. Do not make the cloth completely wet. Squeeze the extra water from it. Start from the area from where you started applying first. Wash and re-dip the cloth in water if required. Finally, let the couch dry. You may turn on the fan for a while so that the odour of the solvent passes out of your property. You can also air-dry your couch.

To Conclude

Have you got an answer to how you dry clean a couch after cleaning it? We assume that your problem of dry cleaning your couch at home is easily resolved by performing this activity. In case you still feel hesitant before you clean your sofa on your own then reach your nearest couch cleaning service provider.